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    • WETT Certified

      If you are looking for a WETT certified inspector for insurance purposes or you want to know if your chimney is code compliant.

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    • Chimney Cleaning

      In most cases, insurance companies do not cover property damage from chimney fires or other wood burning technologies if damage could have been prevented by routine inspection and maintenance.

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    • Carpet Cleaning

      Wherever there is foot traffic and carpets there is the need for the occasional deep clean. Don’t let your carpets deteriorate due to neglect of unforeseen grit.

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    The Enemy: Creosote

    Creosote is the natural byproduct of burning wood where the ash and smoke deposit upon the walls of a chimney or on a chimney cap as a black tar like substance. Creosote buildup will happen to anything which burns wood, such as stoves and fireplaces. Creosote, or soot should be swept out of a chimney or pipe as it a) is a very flammable substance which left unattended can lead to a chimney fire and B) significant creosote build-up constricts air flow in a chimney, reducing the effectiveness of the heating system. Furthermore, a weak draft will promote the build-up of Creosote thus increasing the likelihood of a chimney fire.

    In order to protect yourself, your property and its occupants make sure to have your chimney swept by a qualified professional on a regular basis.

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