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Uxbridge Chimney Cleaning

Here is a brief description of the work AWB Chimney Cleaning performs:


If you are looking to have certified WETT inspection for insurance purposes or you want to know if your chimney is meeting the standards for longevity and safety.


Masonry fireplaces, wood stoves, and chimney liners all require regular cleaning to ensure that they are up to code and safe for use.


Some chimneys are in such a state of disrepair that a rebuild is the only solution. However, in many cases this may require only a partial rebuild as the damage is based on issues with the chimney’s crown. (Please look at the liners and caps sections for preventative solutions)


Replacing clay tiles, tuck pointing (mortar repair), troubleshooting, stuccoing, durock texturing, fireplace repair, replacement dampers, are some of the most common repairs AWB Chimney Cleaning is hired for. Uncapped chimneys are commonly taken over by animals; AWB Chimney Cleaning can also remove these pests and cap your chimney so that it does not reoccur.

Installing Liners

Liners are placed inside the chimney to protect the chimney, the property and the occupants from fire damage and hazards. Masonry chimneys must have a liner made of clay tiles, firebrick or stainless steel to be suitable. It is advisable to upgrade old, unlined chimneys by installing a certified stainless-steel liner.

Installing Caps

Chimney caps are generally made of materials like steel, stainless steel, copper or aluminum. Most models feature side screens for the purpose of keeping wildlife from entering the chimney as well as preventing larger sparks from exiting. Of greater importance is that chimney caps protect your chimney from weather damage. Moisture from rain, snow and ice can damage the interior of your chimney due to the cycle of freezing and thawing. Left unchecked the damage will lead to costly repairs which could have been avoided.

Please have a look at the photo gallery to see examples of the work AWB Chimney Cleaning performs.

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